Mark Zuckerberg in dialogue with Yuval Noah Harari

The content of this video is well worth your time. However, for this article, you can put it on mute and high speed forward. Looking at the conversation from an energetic point of view, it is just as entertaining and informative as listening to their view on world affairs and the role of technology!

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So what happens when you look at the energetic exchange between these two men? Looking beyond their wording, reasoning and socially pleasant interactions?

Let me reflect a little on a few very visible energetic facts that attract my attention, even without attuning myself to their more hidden, inner energy structures.

Let’s keep in mind that Mark Zuckerberg is roughly eight years younger than Yuval Noah Harari, which is a lot.


First of all, observe their body posture and how they hold themselves during their time together. Take notice how their posture changes and how that influences their breath. Yuval is stable in his breath, breathing calmly and from the center of his body. Actually, his whole body is included in his breath. Meaning, his attention is enlarged throughout his body, making it possible to be fully and deeply present with what Mark is offering him. He seems not distracted by his thoughts, hidden motives, need to have impact or to impress. Yuval has often spoken about the value of his meditation practice and he is totally able to maintain the connection to his inner center. It shows how skillfully he is!

Mark’s breathing by contrast, is high up in his chest, short and alert. He enlarged his upper chest… a very instinctual posture in times of danger and competition. He’s -unconsciously- trying to somehow control the space between himself and Yuval. Probably knowing all to well that he won’t be able to maintain that level of control during the whole duration of their dialogue. This makes him alert and overly focused on himself and his reasoning. Not relaxed and joyfully adapting to the natural motion of their contact and their conversation. Curiosity cannot survive very long in such a body.


Mark’s voice doesn’t sound very melodious, rather flat and slightly shallow. He includes a low tone in his voice as if this tone should function as a grounding anchor for his heightened and restless mental energy. Usually implying a lack of connection to the heart. Not talking from the real compassion in your heart, in other words, denying your hearts wisdom, can make a voice sound monotonous and less beautiful. Or less pleasant to listen to.

As soon as people start to acknowledge their heartfelt impulses, their compassion for other humans and their wish to do well for all the lives they touch (and not just a selection), and speak from that acknowledgement, their voice gains a pleasant tone. A richer tone. A more diverse and a more warm tone. More connected to life around them and more connected to what’s happening within the other person at the moment of interaction.

Space distribution

Now, let’s look at the amount of energy (not the quality yet) that is radiated by each participant.

Mark is leaning forward most of the time. Indicating adding extra intensity to his words and stressing the importance of his words through his body posture. Yuval however, is holding back his energy and not showing any disturbance or discomfort while allowing Mark to take the full stage. He seems very accepting of the type of energy Mark sends out. Allowing Mark a lot of space. Never during the interview does Yuval challenge Mark in his energy management nor does he force Mark to energetically step backward a bit. And never during the interview does he seem annoyed by this. Why’s that?

Not only does he allow Mark the intense energy he puts out, he also fully allows Mark so called ‘dialogue ball possession’. Mark is the one talking, talking, talking. He tries, intentionally or not, to come across as complete as possible, to get his point across. Listening to his extensive statements, demands a lot of energy investment. Not only from Yuval, but also from everyone watching this conversation online. Mark is sort of consuming the energy of the listener, to put that energy straight into the intensity of his words. This is what you could call energy ‘sucking’ by talking too much. It makes people want to tune out. Change channel and redirect their attention to something more interesting and connected. The fact that Yuval manages to stay with it, is remarkable.

Yuval, even when he does talk, radiates stable and balanced energy. At no point in time does he loose control over the energy he sends out. It is as if he is very exact in where he plants his energy and how much energy is sent out. Never too much, never forcing Mark to pull back. Never too little, thus never forcing Mark to compensate for the lack of energy he invests in his speaking.

In other words, Mark was granted most of the space, or ‘dialogue ball possession’, but does that make Mark the ‘winner’ of the match? Or is the match played at a different level of consciousness, of clarity, that Mark is unable to meet yet? Might that be the reason Mark needs to work so hard during the whole duration of the conversation?

Quality of the energy in interaction

Now, let’s look again at Yuval and Mark. Again, from an energetic perspective and without listening to their reasoning.

Very naturally, each time, Yuval poses a few words that keep Mark going for quite a long time. Without much effort, Yuval points out a few facts, changes some perspectives, introduces some thoughts and than he pulls back. Just perceiving how his words move and motivate Mark.

Here, from an energetic point of view you see wisdom in dialogue with knowledge. Wisdom enlarges the perspective, whereas knowledge describes the perspective. Yuval continuously stretches the stage and lets Mark perform on it.

Wisdom is knowledge from love. Wisdom has its roots in experiencing compassion and knowing from love. Wisdom comes from deep understanding and acceptance of all forms at all stages of unfolding. Wisdom doesn’t judge, it points out and makes you aware about possible consequences. Wisdom poses a question instead of an answer. It gives you space to ask your own questions and find your own answers. It allows you to take responsibility for your conscious choices. Wisdom is timeless and will conquer knowledge. Knowledge needs clear context to be of value. Wisdom is applicable regardless of context. Regardless of time and place. Wisdom can change form without loosing value. You don’t need many words when you speak from wisdom and deep understanding.

When you would ‘look’ at or attune to the energy that wisdom radiates, you would see translucent bright colors. With clarity and calmness in the way the energy presents itself. This is why wise people can emit such clear light or mental clarity. Whereas the intense energy Mark radiates would ‘look’ more thick, forceful, stagnant and you would easily find emotional patterns connected to these energy areas.

Yuval Noah Harari is most likely experiencing a totally different conversation than Mark Zuckerberg.