2-year training September 2019

Training program Energetic Perception for professional development

– September 2019 –

The potential reach of your inner senses reaches far beyond your daily sensing used for understanding the outside world.

Along with our physical senses, we also have the eye of our soul and our intuitive guidance. The invisible domain where the mind surrenders into the subtle and unified field of existence. Where we tap into ‘knowing’ and where we see through the limited physical reality, and peek into the limitless and undefined. Intuition is a human capability that most people find mystical, even alien, but is mainly a forgotten ‘sword’ and we are highly untrained in handling it skillfully to penetrate into clarity.

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In this first year of the training Energetic Perception, you work to create an inner foundation and confidence in the perception of energy on the human level. You, in your totality, are your focus of attention. Your working material.

You will learn to distinguish between your attention, your perception, and your intention. You will explore your own consciousness and learn to focus and navigate with the senses of your soul. One of the main skills we will train is the capacity to direct attention, ask questions whilst perceiving the energetic information that reveals itself. We learn to translate the energetic information into other ‘languages’ like images, metaphors, sound, sensing and symbols.

Training this translation process lets your mind have a richer and deeper inner dialogue and include more of who you are in all that you do in daily life. Energetic information is perceivable as a parallel layer of information, alongside your outward focused physical senses.

Trough ‘reading’ the information, energy can be made conscious and translated into meaningful ideas, feelings and crystal-clear inner knowing. Reading energetic information brings you into contact with ‘direct knowledge’. Something most people recognize as flashes of deep insight and inner guidance; ‘knowing’ something is true for you, no matter what the outside world is reflecting back you.

In this first year of the training program, you learn to distinguish and focus on the separate layers of energetic information in and around the human body. You learn to translate the information in these layers into your cognitive understanding and your daily consciousness.

During the first year we will lay a firm basis for further energetic development and working with subtle but powerful energies that shape our reality.

What you can expect:

  • Learn to use the flexibility of your various forms of intelligence
  • Learn to expand and deepen your skill to verbalize what’s living inside of you and recognizing deeper layers of truth in the people you encounter.
  • Develop strong personal presence to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously
  • Perceive energy from the eight main body based information centers
  • Receive information from spiritual sources and learn how to work with these sources
  • Find out how your soul senses work for you and learn to navigate with these senses
  • Learn to translate multi layered energy (information) fields into color, movement, images and sound
  • Retrieve information from your own archives and get familiar with your personal energetic anatomy
  • Learn to stretch your attention in all directions of life so that it can be directed by you and work for you as you command it.

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Admission criteria

  • Admission after at least one energetic consultation with me
  • Theory en literature at academic level
  • Some experience with self reflection, psychological knowledge, shadow work,  energetic diagnosis etc. is recommended
  • Minimum age 30 years or consult me if you feel ready.
  • Realize a training like this, introduces you to totally new experiences that impact your life on a very profound level. You therefore enter a process of ‘becoming’ more ‘you’ and less ‘others’.

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Extra information

  • The training program is designed and trained by me.
  • Total course duration is two years. After the first year we discuss wether or not it feels right for you to continue your training.
  • Language and course material for this group is in English.
    I’m not native English myself, but it a considerable level of the English language is strongly recommended since verbalizing the information is an essential part of translating energy.
  • The year consists of:
    • 9 monthly lessons on Saturdays from 10.00h until 18.00h (dates will follow).
    • Dates: September 7, October 5, November 2, November 30, January 11, February 8, March 7, April 4, May 9.
    • Recommended literature.
    • Sub-group sessions for practicing, outside of training days, based upon students’ own preferered learning intensity.
  • Annemarie Delfgaauw will assist during training days.
  • The amount for the full year is €1999,- excluding VAT (21%) and including course material and absolute delicious vegetarian lunch by Anna Haen.
  • Our location is the beautiful house Klein Binnenrust in Abcoude, close to Amsterdam. Easy reach by public transport and car.
  • The training is composed like a linear stepladder. If you like to continue after the first year, make sure you don’t miss more than one class.
  • You are always welcome to attend a missed class in a following year.